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Main Abdul Rashead

A very strong visionary leader and entrepreneur with a keen eye for the future.

This tradition of excellence started back in1960 when Mian Abdul Rasheed (late) floated the idea of manufacturing textile weaving machines accessories in Pakistan. Pak Shuttle Company was his brainchild and is now the largest manufacturer and exporter of textile weaving machine accessories in Pakistan.
The idea of Pak Shuttle Company got much appreciation and the production of high-quality accessories for textile weaving machines relieved the local textile industry because of the higher costs of imports of the textile parts from the US, Japan, and Germany. Along with shuttles, the company started manufacturing wooden and plastic pirns and bobbins followed by Laminated Picking sticks and Side Levers. The production set-up and technical skills were achieved from Japan for absolute perfection and products were of the same standards as of Europe or Japan.
CEO & Director

Tariq Rashead

Having a Commerce degree from the legendary Haley College of the University of the Punjab, Mr. Tariq Rasheed joined the family business in 1978.

Inheriting the strong entrepreneurial skill from his father, Mr Tariq took the business to new heights. Under his visionary leadership, the company is the leading manufacture, globally.

Arif Rashead

After graduating from the prestigious Government College Gujranwala, Mr. Asif joined the business in the late 80s.

Since then, he has been looking after the local sales network of the company across the country. Besides sales, he is also involved in the procurement of the raw materials for the company.

Abid Rashead

Having a strong technical background, Mr. Abid joined the company in the 90s, and since then he is involved in the technical aspects of the operations of the company.

Besides that he is also managing M/S Lube Port, a dealership of Toyota Indus Motors Company Karachi, dealing in Toyota genuine oil and parts.
Development Manager

Ahmad Rashead

Mr. Ahmad joined the company in the year 2006, after graduating from the historical university of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur.

Since then he is involved in the research and development section of the company. He is responsible for integrating the latest production technologies in the production facility. Along with the RnD, he is also looking after the global operations of the company.